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Arey you interested in the history of Kent, Ohio? The links below will take you to pages that will help you with your research.

Information about Kent and Portage County. This page has some downloadable pdf files that we feel are interesting and informative.

A timeline about the events that shaped the town of Franklin Mills and later the renamed city of Kent. Click on the dates and you will see a brief description of the events that shaped our city.

Some of these facts about Kent are from the August 8, 1956 Sesquicentennial section of the Record Courier and The History of Kent by Karl Grismer.

The Kent Opera House, a brief history.

Timeline of Important Events of the A&GW RR and its Predecessors.

Images from the KHS archive of old Kent.

Kent from 1859 to 1870. An important decade in the growth of Franklin Mills soon to become Kent.