The Odd Fellows Building and Opera House became apart of Kent in the summer of 1889. It was built by the Odd Fellows Building Company for $20,000. The first show held at the Opera House was Harry Lindley in "The Stowaways” and seats only cost 25, 35 and 50 cents.

The Opera House was not entirely successful as less traveling shows came to Kent since its opening. The building changed hands many times and was eventually bought by John Palfi. Palfi remodeled the 30 year old building and outfitted it with new sound equipment to play “talkies”, or motion pictures with sound. Despite his efforts, the Opera House closed its doors in 1936 as The Great Depression overcame America.

The Opera House reopened and had its final run as a movie house from 1940 until the early 1950s. It closed its doors for the last time and sat vacant until 1963 when it was demolished.

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Opera House 1898 001